Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lazy Days of Spring

It's a beautiful morning.  The dogs and cats are quiet, hubby off to work and its the start of a nice week.  It couldn't get much better!  Nothing exciting planned today.  Doing some research for the business on the benefits of social media then I hope to head to the Quilt Store!!!  atouchofamish.com  Need to make TWO baby quilts for a friend that just had twin boys.  Then, need to think of a wedding quilt for my son and his new wife to be!

I'm not sure why I don't quilt more often in the little room in the basement designed as my quilt retreat.  I see quilting, not as a solitary activity, but one that I share with family and friends.  It's hard to sit down there by myself and quilt away.  Besides that, I am not the best quilter in the world.  I need someone with a bit more expertise than I have to work me through all my questions and snags!!!

I find it hard to sit in the basement when it is so beautiful outside.  Here are some pictures of the backyard - an oasis to sit in and listen to the birds, watch the fish and keep an eye on playful animals.  We are just ending a bout with the roving heron.  He (or she) has helped herself to six of my koi and during the pond water change we lost another two.  All is fixed, rope is strung up, fake owl is in place and the pond is again filled with koi.

Enjoying the good life and trying to keep a positive attitude!

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